Celebrity Hair Trends

Top Celebrity Hair Trends at Stephen Young Hair Salon in West Wimbledon

It’s no surprise that celebrities are trendsetters…but when they’re constantly changing their hair it can be hard to keep up! That’s why, at Stephen Young Hairdressing Salon in West Wimbledon, we dedicate ourselves to not only being eco-friendly but also keeping up with the latest celebrity hair trends so that you don’t have to. Our expert team have created a list of the best celebrity hairstyles to inspire you…

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Brilliant Bold Hair Colours

Shine bright like a superstar with a beautiful bold hair colour! Taraji P. Henson rocks a neon pink hair colour & shows us how it’s done. All eyes will be on you with a vibrant hair colour like this! Stand out from the crowd with a vivid hair colour like bright blue hair colour or bold purple hair colour. At Stephen Young Hair Salon, we are the hair colour specialists in West Wimbledon, meaning we can create whatever stunning shade you desire. Whether you want a brilliantly bold hair colour, or something more subtle like a pretty pastel hair colour – we’ll create the perfect hair colour for you.

The Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colour at Stephen Young Hair Salon in West Wimbledon

Almost every famous female has had a blonde phase at least once - so why not have your own blonde moment! White blonde hair is a top trend that continues to be a popular choice among celebrities. Ariel Winter channels her inner ice queen with perfect platinum blonde hair which looks sensationally stunning. We are blonde hair specialists at Stephen Young Hairdressing Salon, and as hair colour experts we pride ourselves in creating beautiful blonde hair colours such as white blonde hair like Ariel Winter’s, silvery blonde hair colour, golden blonde hair colour and even honey blonde tones & buttery blonde shades. Make sure to book in for a consultation so that we can discuss and plan your journey towards becoming a beautiful blonde.

Casual Wavy Hairstyles

Let your hair loose and embrace your natural waves with a casual wavy hairstyle! Love your locks like Jennifer Garner who’s showing off her gorgeous curls. To keep your curls looking lovely, look after your hair with a hair treatment or hair mask at Stephen Young Hair Salon in West Wimbledon, where we use the best Davines hair products.

Depending on your curl type, you should be using the right products to achieve beautiful curls. If you’re not sure what your curl type is, or what products for wavy & curly hair you should be using, just ask one of our expert stylists and they will be more than happy to recommend the perfect products for your hair.

Fabulous Fringes

Look fierce with a fringe that frames your fabulous facial features! Taylor Swift’s iconic fringe is one of our Wildest Dreams as we can’t Shake It Off how good it looks, this is a Love Story we hope never ends. So, whether you want a full fringe like Taylor Swift, or a wispy fringe, or curtain bangs, or a block fringe…we’re sure to find a fantastic fringe to suit you! Our expert stylists will take into account your face shapes & features to find the perfect fringe for you.

Stylish Short Hair & Shaved Undercuts

Celebrities have shown us time and time again that the best way to get everyone talking is to cut your hair super short! Shave it all off like Zoe Kravitz who looks incredibly striking with her beautiful buzz cut. Short hair is a top trend among famous women as it is a simple way to look high end & effortlessly chic. If you’re not ready to dive off the deep end yet, then you could try a shaved undercut which involves one side, both sides or the back underneath of your hair being shaved short. This is a great way to ease yourself into short hair and will leave you with a fabulously edgy look! Eventually, you may even work your way up to the stunning pixie cropped hair cut (another hot trend amongst female celebs!). For hints & tips on how to style your short hair just ask your skilled Stephen Young Salon stylist.

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