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Hair Smoothing Treatments At Stephen Young Salon In West Wimbledon

Ever dreamed of transforming your hair from damaged and frizzy to silky and smooth?  At Stephen Young hairdressing salon in West Wimbledon we’re here to make this a reality with the help of Nanokeratin.  The Nanokeratin system works on all hair types and will both repair and smooth your hair.   You won’t have to worry about frizzy hair again for up to 4 months! 

To take the first step towards satin-smooth hair, call us on 020 8946 5120 to book a complimentary consultation with one of our hair smoothing experts.


The Nanokeratin smoothing system injects keratin (which naturally exists in hair, skin, and nails) into the hair shaft to replace lost protein in your hair.  Sometimes known as the Brazilian Blow-Dry, this revolutionary treatment re-aligns and bonds protein into your hair, causing it to look and feel beautifully smooth, shiny, and healthy.  

This treatment will transform frizzy, dry, dull, and colour-damaged hair into silky, luscious locks.  To achieve optimum results with coloured hair, it is recommended that the treatment is applied on the same day as you have your hair coloured to lock in shine and vibrancy. 

Nanokeratin does not have any damaging effects because it does not alter your hair’s structure.  It simply adds strength, shine, and elasticity to your hair.  Plus, the whole smoothing process is relatively quick, taking only 60 minutes, on average, for short hair, and around 120 minutes for longer hair!

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What Will My Hair Look Like After Nanokeratin Smoothing?

Because the Nanokeratin smoothing system is designed to adapt to your hair’s natural texture, the results can vary depending on hair type so please book in for a consultation so we can assess your hair.  People with frizzy, unruly hair will see a huge reduction in frizz and curls.  If your hair is already straight, it will appear shinier and smoother.  No matter what your hair type, you will end up with smoother, more manageable hair after the treatment.

How Should I Care For My Hair After Hair Smoothing?

For optimum results, after you’ve had your treatment, we’d recommend that you have a quick hair cut to trim down split ends and enjoy your smooth and silky new look.  We’d also recommend that you use the Nanokeratin System Home Care Products after you’ve had the treatment to keep your hair looking as healthy and shiny as possible for as long as possible!

Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing West Wimbeldon Hair Salon

Hair Smoothing Appointments At Stephen Young Salon In West Wimbledon

The Nanokeratin System transforms your hair for up to 16 weeks, producing a smooth, ‘natural-looking’ finish.  If you think that this is for you, please book a hair consultation with one of our friendly and dedicated stylists so we can plan for your smoothing appointment.  To book your appointment, please call our salon on 020 8946 5120 or use our easy online booking system. 

If you have any questions that you forgot to include in your consultation, you can use our online enquiry form – we’d love to chat!  You can also keep up with the latest news from Stephen Young via our Facebook and Instagram pages.