Hair Colour Correction

The Experts in Hair Colour Correction at Stephen Young Salon In West Wimbledon

Have you coloured your hair at home or had a hair colour problem at another salon? The best thing to do is to remain calm and call the experts at Stephen Young Salon In West Wimbledon. We have unrivalled experience in when it comes to correcting hair colour problems.

During an in-depth consultation in our West Wimbledon hair salon, we will analyse your hair colour and condition and discuss how we can realistically achieve with your hair colour correction. We aim to restore your hair to the best colour and condition possible. 

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Should I Just Use a Box Dye Over My Hair Colour?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by clients and the answer is a resounding "NO!". Applying a new shade over the problem hair colour won’t rectify the issue and may actually make it worse. 

If your hair has a build up of previous colour, if it been damaged by over-processing or environmental factors such as the sun, this can affect different sections of the hair. The best thing to do is let a Stephen Young expert colourist analyse the condition of your hair. We can then decide on a mixture of tones and shades to treat each individual strand and restore your hair's beautiful colour and condition.

My Hair is Breaking - Should I Cut It?

Over-processing you hair with bleach can cause it to become dry and brittle, leading to split ends and hair breaking. We would never recommend to bleach your hair at home. The good news is that the experts at Stephen Young Salon can repair your hair without resorting to cutting your hair. 

We use only the very best Davines hair colour products in our salon and know which products will remove unwanted colour and restore your hair colour. We can also recommend a range of Davines hair treatments to repair the bonds in your hair to condition and moisturise your locks. 

My Hair Colour is Uneven – What Can I Do?

Patchy or uneven hair is also known as a hair colour imbalance. These colour problems are rectified by our master colourists on a daily basis. Pop into our West Wimbledon salon for a hair colour consultation so we can assess your hair and work out a recovery plan. Our hair colour experts will work hard to achieve, maintain or correct the perfect hair colour for you.

Our expert hair colourists don’t just fix hair colour mistakes, we specialise in common hair colour problems including:

  • Highlights that are orange in colour
  • Blonde hair colour that is either brassy or too white
  • You have bands of overlapping hair colour 
  • Faded hair colour
  • Hair that has a green tinge
  • Hair colour that is either too light or too dark

Book a Colour Correction at Stephen Young Salon In West Wimbledon

Whatever your hair colour issue, don’t despair! Book in for a consultation with the Stephen Young expert hair colourists. We can assess the problem and work with you to restore your hair to a beautiful colour and condition. Call us now on 020 8946 5120 or simply book online using our handy pop up to the right of the page.