Common Hair Problems During Lockdown

The Most Common Hair Problems Our Clients Report and How We Can Help!

One of the most frustrating things that many of our clients have faced over the last year with various lockdowns is that the health of their hair has suffered. Whether this is through stress, illness or a lack of knowledge on how to care for their hair, the team at Stephen Young Salon in West Wimbledon are here to advise on the best ways to care for your hair during the salon closure....

#1 Dry Hair

Davines Momo For Dry Hair, Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonAre you struggling with dry hair this winter?

A combination of cold weather and central heating can play havoc with the moisture that your hair holds. If your hair is feeling dry, static or stressed, infuse moisture into it with the thirst quenching Davines MOMO range of products. The moisture-rich formula is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins which bond with your hair's own keratin to protect from further damage.

For a deeply moisturising treatment use Davines’s MOMO Hair Potion, a leave-in conditioning serum which locks in moisture so your strands stay smooth and glossy without looking limp or feeling heavy and sticky.

#2 Brassy Blondes 

Davines Alchemic Silver, Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonUnable to finish the salon for a toner treatment, but still having Zoom meetings each day?

Banish the brass this lockdown with the Davines ALCHEMIC Shampoo Silver, a colour-enhancing purple shampoo designed specifically for platinum and cool blonde tones. Yellow and orange tones are neutralised and the 100% sulphate free formula leaves hair hydrated, silky smooth and with a delicious fragrance. 

If you have a warmer blonde tone such as a caramel or honey hued highlights, the Davines Alchemic Shampoo Golden intensifies and illuminates these natural or coloured blonde shades, leaving you with sensational multi-dimensional blonde once more. 


#3 Hair Loss During Lockdown

Energising Shampoo Davines, Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonIf you are experiencing hair loss, a fragile scalp and thinning hair during the lockdown it can cause a loss of confidence and make you feel even more anxious. Hair loss during the pandemic is being reported more and more so you are not alone, although we can appreciate that this feels like a very personal problem to you. 

Hair loss can be caused by many factors and stress is just one of these. Take the stress away from your scalp and energise your locks with Davines NaturalTech Energizing range.

The shampoo gently cleanses the hair giving it a sensation of energy, vigour and restoring wellbeing to the scalp. It gives a balancing effect to the scalp whilst injecting moisture into your hair. The range also contains topical lotions and stimulating serums to soothe stressed scalps. If you're unsure about your hair fall issues or simply need some support please don't hesitate to email us at and we will be happy to help. 

#4 Dry, Stressed Out Scalp

Davines DETOXIFYING SCRUB, Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonHave the constant mum buns and lack of time for relaxation affected your scalp? Many of our clients have reported having a stressed out, dry and itchy scalp during the lockdown. 

Whether you've been clutching at your hair trying to understand your home schooling schedule and juggle your work, or you have been unwell or caring for those who are, it can all take it's toll on your scalp.

Treat your scalp to a mini spa break with the fabulous Davines Detoxifying Shampoo Scrub, which treats your hair to a mini massage and leaves your scalp feeling fresh and clean once more.  


Keep In Touch With Us!

We know that lockdowns are hard on us all, especially if you are isolated. We are more than just the place you go to get your hair done and we care about each of our clients. Ensure that you are following our social media channels to keep in touch with us, get the latest updates and drop us a message if you're feeling low. We hope it won't be long until we can welcome you back into the salon but, in the meantime, please take care of yourselves.