Cool Celebrity Hairstyles For Students

Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles For Students in Wimbledon

If you're a University or college student this Autumn, we're sure you'll want to start in your new environment with a striking new hair cut or colour! We can offer a wide range of hairstyles and hair colours for students to choose from at our West Wimbledon hair salon

If you're a student in the Wimbledon area, get in touch with the experts at Stephen Young Salon, who will be happy to talk you through some fabulous hair ideas to suit you and your lifestyle. If you are looking for inspiration, why not take a look at some of these hairstyling ideas for students that we love from our favourite celebrities....

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Save Styling Time With Easy Beach Waves

Short on styling time before lectures? Don't panic, the latest hair trends include super easy beach waves, which can be as tousled as you like! Effortless waves can be yours with a spot of scrunching and a texturising product, ask your Stephen Young stylist for advice on the best products to use for your beachy waves.

If your hair is naturally very straight, you could create structured curls on a day that you have more time to devote to styling, and then enjoy relaxed waves the next day with a blast of dry shampoo!

Nourished Curls For Students

If you’re blessed with curly hair, now is the time to embrace a more carefree look and make the most of your hair’s natural texture.

To nourish your curls, tame frizz and create structure in your spirals, your Stephen Young stylist can recommend hydrating in-salon treatments and hair care products to use at home that will infuse moisture into your hair and give you beautiful curls that are easy to style and maintain. 

Low Maintenance Hair Colour For Students

If you're looking for a stunning hair colour but are worried about the expense to keep it looking great, balayage is the hair colour technique for you! Balayage is hand painted onto your hair designed to mimic where the sun would naturally lift your hair colour, with a less noticeable root regrowth than traditional highlights - meaning less visits to our West Wimbledon salon!

Balayage can be used with a wide range of colours, including pretty pastel hair shades, vivid fashion colours and the popular blonde and brunette balayage. We would recommend adding Olaplex to your hair colour service to protect and strengthen your hair during the lightening process, find out more about Olaplex here

Fashionable Student Hairstyles For Men

If you're a male student who wants a style that is more exciting than a short back and sides, Stephen Young Hair Salon in West Wimbledon is the place for you!

If you want a cool and youthful hairstyle that adds a bit of personality to your look, try a messy quiff like Harry Styles. It's all about styling the hair on top to create a textured, undone vibe while also keeping the sides short for that edgy contrast.

Whether you're searching for a cool style that's easy to wear, or a vibrant fashion hair colour for men, our specialists can deliver the perfect style for you to showcase this term!

Students Save Money at Stephen Young Hair Salon in West Wimbledon!

We know that money can be tight when you're a student, those Fresher's events and the cost of course materials can soon add up!

This is why we offer a Student Discount in our salon with a whopping 25% OFF a balayage, cut & blow dry package. Find out more about our Student Discount here.  

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