Self Care During Lockdown – 6 Step Spa Day Guide

Show Yourself Some Love During Lockdown With A DIY Spa Day 

Has the latest lockdown scuppered your plans for a relaxing spa day, or even a couples spa break? The team at Stephen Young Salon in West Wimbledon have created a simple guide for how to have a relaxing spa day at home, either alone or with a loved one. Cut off the Wifi, turn your phone off and relax with our 6 Step Spa Day plan....

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Step #1 Set Up Your Spa Area

Spa Day at Home Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonTurn your lights to low, choose a soothing playlist and light some candles because it's time to relax.

Ensure that you have enough clean, soft and fluffy towels to hand in each of the areas you will be using as your spa.

Prepare some water, perhaps flavoured with your favourite fruit and ensure that you have healthy snacks to hand – relaxing builds an appetite!

Step #2 – Create The Perfect Bath

The best way to start your spa is with a decadent, relaxing bath, especially with a good book. Treat yourself to a bath bomb or bath salts, which have the added benefit that it helps your muscles to relax, perfect after a home workout. You can also add a few drops of essential oils including

~ Lavender essential oil to relax
~ Rosemary oil to de-stress
~ Lemon essential oil for a pick-me-up
~ Eucalyptus oil to relieve muscle pain

If you can’t take a bath, add a few drops of your chosen essential oil on a washcloth or small towel and put that in your shower, out of the water. The steam will make your bathroom smell amazing and give you many of the benefits of the oils. 

Step #4 – Apply A Hydrating Hair Mask

Davines Circle Masks, Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonOnce you’ve settled in your bath, or you’re out of the shower and wrapped in towels and a dressing gown, it is the perfect time for a hair mask.

Let it sit while you’re relaxing and let it work it’s magic on your tresses, leaving your hair soft, hydrated and glossy like the goddess you are!

We recommend using professional masks such as Davines The Circle Chronicles to get the most out of your hair mask experience. 

Step #5 – Relax with a Face Mask

We recommend applying a face mask simultaneously with your hair mask.  The steam from the bath or shower will have opened your pores so that you experience the full benefits of the mask that you use. After you have rinsed your mask off, it’s good to use a refreshing toner on your face, to make sure your skin is squeaky clean. After that, use a serum or oil on your fingertips and massage into your face to energise your lymphatic system.

Step #6 Moisturise and Relax

Relaxing at Stephen Young Salon in West WimbledonAfter you have finished your bath, use your most luxurious body lotions, paying particular attention to your elbows, knees and feet.

Wrap yourself in your cosiest loungewear, pour a cup of tea or flute of fizz and bask in how brand new and amazing you feel!

If you've had a couple's Spa  experience why not extend the day by including a lovely head and shoulder massage and a rom-com!