Top Hairstyle Ideas Spring 2024

Top Hairstyle Trends to Inspire You at Stephen Young Salon

At Stephen Young Salon in West Wimbledon, our stylists are always bang up to date with the latest looks and hairstyling techniques. If you're looking for inspiration for your next hairstyle, fancy a bold change or simply an update to your current look, why not check out some of the trending hairstyles below then book into our salon to let our team work their magic!

Bespoke Bobs

We all know that bobs are a classic hairstyle, with different versions of the bob emerging all of the time. The latest bob trend is a little different however, in that it is all about making the bob work for you as an individual, framing your face and making you feel fabulous.

How do we create a bespoke bob? Well firstly, book in for a consultation with a Stephen Young expert who will analyse your hair condition, texture and discuss your lifestyle and maintenance needs with you. The beauty of this cut is that how you wear it is entirely up to you.

Get The Mob Wife Look

We're sure that you've seen the "Mob Wife" aesthetic all over social media this year, and the luxury style also follows into hair trends - with voluminous layers becoming increasingly popular.

These long layers add natural volume throughout your hair, giving you that glossy '90s inspired look with minimal styling required. Your Stephen Young stylist can tailor your Mob Wife layers to you facial features and hair texture to allow you to embrace this trend and show off your big, bouncy locks.

Rebel Pixie Cuts

We are seeing an increasing number of dramatic short cuts, such as those fashioned by the likes of Florence Pugh, on the catwalks and the high street. These short, funky looks have a bold impact and can be tailored to show off your bone structure in a super flattering way.

Opting for a super short chop is a fairly simple way to switch up your look in a flash, and it might be time for those wanting to make a bold change to finally take that step.

The Birkin Bangs

Get ready for a '70s fashion revival with a hairstyle inspired by the iconic Jane Birkin (yes, the one the Hermes bags are named for!). This look features full chic French bangs that work with collarbone length hair, or even longer locks! Subtle layers give this look that perfectly vibe of the free-spirited decade and take minimal styling.  

Ask your Stephen Young stylist how we can tailor the Birkin bangs to suit your features, hair type and styling needs.

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